About Us

Welcome to Formal Society, where my passion for fashion transforms into your everyday elegance and those once-in-a-lifetime moments.

My journey with fashion started in childhood, designing dream after dream dress on paper, inspired by the elegance I found in the pages of fashion magazines, the gowns worn on the red carpet and the sewing skills I admired in my beloved aunt. This love led me through the enchanting world of bridal and formal wear where I ran and owned a bridal store for 10 years.

While formal wear has been my forte, diving into the ready-to-wear side of fashion has sparked a new kind of excitement in me. It's about bringing quality, style, and perfect fit to everyday fashion for women. Selecting pieces for the store and curating collections has become a cherished part of my day. It's a fresh adventure, where I get to exercise my creative side.

At Formal Society, we're blending the lines between day-to-day chic and special occasion elegance. It's about feeling fabulous every day, in every way. With my background in making special moments unforgettable through fashion, I'm now on a mission to make every day feel just a bit more special too.

Join me at Formal Society, where your daily style meets the expertise and passion of a lifetime in fashion. Together, let's make every outfit, every day, and every event unforgettable