Blond women posing in a grey mother of the bride/groom dress

How to find the perfect Mother of the Bride(MOB), Mother of the Groom (MOG) dress and feel beautiful in it.

The journey to find the perfect mother of the bride dress/mother of the groom dress can be a thrilling yet daunting task. As the mother of one of the key figures in a wedding, you want to look and feel your best while complementing the overall theme and style of the event. In this guide, we will take you through the steps to help you find the ideal dress and ensure you radiate beauty, elegance, and confidence on this special day.

Start Early To Find The Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress/Mother of the Groom Dress

The most crucial step in finding the perfect dress is to start your search well in advance. If you were to take anything away from this blog post, this is the one single piece of advice that all mothers should take seriously. Wedding planning can be a lengthy process, and finding the right attire is no exception. Aim to begin your search at least six to nine months before the wedding day. This ample time allows you to explore different options, consider alterations, and find a dress that truly resonates with you. Our preferred designer of mother of the bride dresses/ mother of the groom dresses standard delivery is 14 weeks. We can rush gowns if necessary as 7 weeks if needed.

Understand The Wedding Theme And Dress Code:

Before you embark on your shopping journey, it's essential to understand the wedding theme and dress code. The bride and groom will have a vision for their special day, and your dress should complement this vision. Are they planning a formal black-tie affair, a rustic outdoor celebration, or a beach wedding? Knowing the theme and dress code will guide your choices in terms of style, color, and formality.

Consider Your Personal Style:

While it's essential to adhere to the wedding theme, don't forget to incorporate your personal style into your dress choice. Your dress should reflect your personality and make you feel comfortable and confident. Whether you prefer a classic, timeless look, a modern and chic style, or something with a touch of vintage charm, there's a perfect dress out there that suits your taste. With our mother of the bride dresses/mother of the groom dresses we have to offer customization to make the dress your own. For example, we can add/remove sleeves, raise necklines, change fabric, change length & more!

Young girls wearing a black homecoming dress with feathers.
Young girls wearing a white homecoming dress with feathers.

"The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you." - Coco Chanel

Set a Budget:

Determine your budget early in the process to avoid falling in love with a dress that's beyond your means. Be mindful of additional costs like alterations, accessories, and shoes. It's possible to find a stunning mother of the bride or mother of the groom dress at various price points, so stick to your budget to ensure financial peace of mind.

Shop Boutiques Catering To MOB/MOGs:

Start your dress search by visiting bridal and or specialty boutiques. Boutiques often carry a nice selection of mother of the bride/groom dresses, and their experienced staff can provide valuable advice and assistance. This experience is valuable as they can help direct you to gowns, styles and endless options that you may not be aware of by sorting though racks. Often times boutique staff is very passionate about the dresses they offer and have a genuine interest in helping you find the dress you feel most beautiful in.

Consider Color Choices:

Traditionally, mothers of the bride and groom have chosen dresses in neutral colors like navy, champagne, or soft pastels. However, modern weddings often embrace a wider color palette. Coordinate with the bridal party to ensure your dress complements the wedding colors without clashing. If in doubt, consult with the bride or groom for their input. At Formal Society, we believe that is important to coordinate with the wedding palette but, not to ignore colors that bring out the sparkle in your eye and that is flattering to your hair color and skin tone. Color is something we spend a lot of time discussing and comparing to help you find the best color for your dress. 

Think About Comfort and Mobility:

On the big day, you'll want to be comfortable and able to move freely. Consider the weather and the venue when choosing the fabric and style of your dress. Lighter fabrics are suitable for warm outdoor weddings, while heavier fabrics like satin or velvet are ideal for colder seasons. Ensure your dress allows you to dance and enjoy the celebration without any restrictions.

Accessories Thoughtfully

Accessories can elevate your look and add a personal touch to your outfit. Choose accessories that complement your dress and overall style. Consider a statement necklace, elegant earrings, a clutch purse, and comfortable shoes that match the formality of the event. 

We offer 15% off accessories when a formal dress has been purchased. Once you find your dress, we suggest waiting for your gown to come in and then work on selecting accessories. We have a nice selection of jewelry and shoes that you can  try on with your dress to finish your wedding day look.

Image of a model wearing a mother of the bride dress with her hand in her hair and jewelry visiable

Don't Forget About Alterations:

Once you've found the perfect mother of the bride/mother of the groom dress, be prepared for alterations. A well-fitted dress can make all the difference in how beautiful and confident you feel on the big day. Schedule alterations well in advance, and work with a skilled tailor or seamstress to ensure the dress fits you like a glove. At Formal Society, we offer alterations services for gowns that have been purchased from our store. Jade, our preferred designer of mother of the bride dresses/mother of the groom dresses offers many services that help to reduce the cost of alterations. For example, we offer customer-cut-to-measurements and custom hollow/skirt to hem measurements which assist in lowering aleration costs. Twice a year, Formal Society offers mother of the bride/mother of the groom trunk shows. This is an event that offers mothers the opportunity to try-on a larger selection of dresses that are not ordinarly in the store. The trunk show typically offers a variety of styles and the latest collection by the designer. We have an extremely high rates of mothers that find their dresses at the trunk show not to mention they can be a lot of fun!

Finding the perfect mother of the bride dress or mother of the groom dress is an exciting part of the wedding journey. By starting early, understanding the wedding theme, embracing your personal style, and considering all the important factors, you can find a dress that makes you feel beautiful and confident on this special day. Remember, the most important thing is to celebrate the love and joy of the occasion, surrounded by your loved ones. Your dress should be a reflection of your happiness and elegance, enhancing the overall beauty of the celebration.